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Centro Punto de Luz

Get to know us

Centro Punto de Luz

Get to know us

Centro Punto de Luz

Spectacular natural beauty and perfect Feng-Shui combine to create a superb location where one can truly experience living in harmony with nature. Nestling amongst the Andalucian Mountains, 915 metres above sea level, Centro Punto de Luz is within walking distance from the traditional Spanish white hamlet of El Canuelo and 4 kilometres from the village of Periana. One of the many attractions of the centre is its situated on a hectare of organic land with unpolluted mountain air and breathtaking views. With mountains on three sides, the centre rests beside an open valley with a grand vista of both Lake Vinuela and the Mediterranean Sea. The centre was originally designed for yoga retreats and boasts five buildings arranged in a “village” layout, including a purpose built 65 sqm yoga studio/classroom with views over the lake.

Group photo of the team of Centro Punto de Luz Retreat Center in Spain

Meet Our

Fully Qualified Therapists

Fully Qualified Therapists

Portrait Betty Pavot

Betty Favot

After having battled a chronic condition for over 10 years and it not being recognised by the medical profession, at that time, Betty decided to take matters into her own hands. She slowly nursed herself back to optimum health, with a combination of nutritional therapy and her intuition. Because of this she decided to retrain as a nutritional therapist.
After graduating in 2007, at the prestigious Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, under the direction of Patrick Holford, Betty has been practicing nutritional therapy ever since.
She has specialised in wholefood plant-based diets and nutritional therapy to support cancer patients. Betty is particularly interested into weaving nutritional therapy principles and advice into daily life making her advice feasible and adapted to any lifestyle.
Betty is also a Theta Healing practitioner, Reiki Master practitioner and Bach flower remedy practitioner.

Portrait Richard Mowbray

Richard Mowbray

In the Summer of 2019, Richard lost his mother to cancer, and over the last 3 years, he has lost 4 friends, all in their forties and fifties to various diseases. Throughout this time, he asked himself “is there a way people can incorporate other protocols into their life to help them get better”? He firmly believes the answer is yes, based on his own experiences!
His mission is to support people, who are committed to living a healthy, disease-free life. He is trained in whole food, plant-based food preparation, and cooking and has studied at the UK Centre for Living Foods with Elaine Bruce, a student of Ann Wigmore.
He is also a trained Reconnective healing practitioner and a certified sound therapist from the Peter Hess Sound Massage Academy.

portrait Kate Shaw

Kate Shaw

Kate is an experienced qualified paramedic and yoga teacher. In her work as a clinician she noticed
that long term drug therapy often failed to address the root of a person’s disease, only treating
symptoms as they arose. This ‘fire-fighting’ approach often led to multiple pharmaceutical drugs
being prescribed to a patient, including those to alleviate the side effects of the other drugs!
She has seen how movement, emotional support and a positive mental attitude can benefit a
person’s well being.

She believes in yoga as a lifestyle and that it is not about looking good or being flexible!
She completed a course in yoga for cancer patients and regularly teaches at The MacMillan Horizon
Centre in Brighton, East Sussex.
Kate specialises in working with bodies suffering illness or injury. This can help you work within your
abilities and aid recovery. Her aim is to help you feel stronger and more capable, enabling you to
meet life’s challenges with an open heart.
She compliments her yoga sessions with breath work and meditation accessible to all.

Sara Sabin

Sara is a transformative coach, working with clients internationally. Having been through many internal and external transformations herself over the years, it wasn’t until the most recent transformation that she really cracked it.
She firmly believes that you can’t take any person deeper than she herself has been, so she is continuously learning new techniques and practices, to aid her clients and herself!
She helps people who feel stuck, despite their successes to transform from the inside out, enabling them to be more resilient and influential; and become leaders in their own lives. The inner shifts allow the outer transformation or goal to occur more easily. She is compelled to help her clients’ cut the time it takes to create sustainable, purpose driven transformation in their lives.

portrait Tracey Webb

Tracey Webb

Tracey has been working alongside Richard and Betty for the past ten years. There was an alignment of passion and ethical values right from the start!
She has lost family members and friends to cancer, which ultimately led her down the path of energy healing. She has cared for and accompanied people on their journey through cancer diagnosis, treatments, hospital appointments, post surgery requirements, & recovery.
Tracey is qualified in various energetic healing modalities, including Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing, and Chakra Balancing, as well as being a Master Reiki practitioner and teacher.
She believes that we often manifest dis-ease in our minds and our physical being, as a result of what happens in our internal world, and the accumulation of unprocessed emotions: our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions impact our reality, and her work helps to heal and release this accumulated trauma. She also has a deep seated passion for Epigenetics, as undertaken in the course “The Biology of Belief” by Dr Bruce Lipton PHD.
Tracey is a valued member of the team, known for her enthusiasm and sunny disposition; along with her passion for creating healthy vegetarian, vegan and raw cuisine.

Ethics and Sustainability

Ethics and Sustainability

At Centro Punto de Luz we are extremely aware of the impact that every human activity has on the planet so we try our best to minimise our carbon footprint.

  • We have a salt water chlorine-free swimming pool
  • We use 100% locally produced organic ingredients
  • No chemicals are used on our land
  • All the hot water is provided by solar energy (when possible)
  • All cleaning and toiletry products are certified organic
  • Everything is recycled or composted as necessary

  • We use ethical banking with

If you wish to help us in our green effort during your time with us, here are some ideas:

Andalucia is an extremely dry region so literally, every drop counts! If you could limit your consumption of water during your stay we would be very grateful.

Guests are welcome to help us in our effort by using the big recycling bins at the front of the property where we separate our waste ready for recycling.